Detailed schedules

The itinerary - Germany (Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden) - 6 days

This is a fast paced 6 day itinerary for Germany.

Day One - Berlin

The most famous square of Berlin is Alexanderplatz (with Weltzeituhr watches, which show time in all countries of the world)
It, like the whole of Berlin, unites in the architecture of buildings the past and the present. The square is always crowded and noisy, there are three lines of the Berlin metro, lines of trams and high-speed trains. Half a million people make a transfer here every day.

Что привезти в подарок - анг

What to bring as a gift from Germany


Traditional Christmas souvenirs such as Christmas-tree decorations, wooden toys, and products made of glass, silver ornaments, dolls, angels made of mosaic gold etc.


It is possible to buy brand name running shoes at half price. 

A suit from Hugo Boss with a discount 40 % is also available.