Itinerary - England - Scotland - 17 days

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Often, a ready-made route plan helps to better sort out the sea of ​​opportunities offered by different countries.
In this section we will publish such plans with an indication of the total number of days of the whole trip.

If the journey was carried out by car, the headings of the day will include the mileage planned for that day. Also in the title you will find a list of cities, for this day and place for spending the night (in parentheses). In those cases when the hotel was successful, we will also post a link to it. Thus, in addition to the city you can see information about the hotels we like.
I hope this information will be useful.
If you have a desire to share your own routes - (subject: Itinerary%20-%20new%20article) (write us).

The trip begins and ends in London

We stayed in London at the House of Kipp Apartments. We liked it very much. Stunning hotel is in the center. A little expensive, but it was worth it.

Day of arrival - First - London

Courtauld Institute @ Somerset House Gallery - Post Impressionism (Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh)
Hyde Park - You can ride a boat. Those wishing to keep a speech do it on Sunday

Day Second- London

London Dungeon - Journey to medieval London on underground passages with surprises
GEFFRYE MUSEUM - English interiors
British Museum - Antique art

Day Third - London

Whitehall palace
National Gallery -
Trafalgar Square
Picadilly Square (Statue of Eros)

Day Fourth - London

Windsor castle
Chiswick House - Roman style house

Day Fiveth - London

St. Paul's Church - Beautiful building. There is a beautiful view of the city. Go to the gold gallery.
Tower Royal Castle and prison - always go to the royal treasury (Jewel House)
Westminster Abbey (Westminster abbey). It is necessary to spend approximately half a day.
Big Ben 

Day Sixth - London

Tate Gallery - British Painting Collection
Harrods - A very interesting "department store". One of a kind. There is a Georgian restaurant on the 4th floor
Fleet Street

Day Seventh - Cambridge

Day Eightth - York

ARC - Archaeological Museum, located in the beautifully restored medieval church of the Holy Savior
The Clifford Tower: The historic tower, originally built in 11c. About it goes a lot of legends. Now (since 1825) part of the prison.
Jorvik Viking Center - the best time travel for more than 10 million years. Discover the sights, sounds and smells of the Vikings of Britain.
Treasury House - standing in the shade of York, this elegant house (17/18 in), part of the former the residence of the treasurers of York. Minster is located in a quiet garden.
York Dungeon Museum of Torture

Day the ninth - Lake district

Windermere & Bowness - Day of rest, fishing, boat riding on the island.

Days tenth and eleventh - Edinburgh (Scotland)

Glenkinchie Distillery is the only remaining malt whiskey production plant located near Edinburgh. Enjoy a fascinating excursion and tasting and find some of the secrets of the craft of the distiller. Duration 1 hour.

Our Dynamic Earth - our dynamic Earth is one of the attractions of Edinburgh, which should "see". This fantastic journey uses dramatic special effects, stunning images and modern interactive, which will take you from the very beginning of time into our unknown future.
The Linlithgow Palace is the favorite residence of the Stewart kings, it was the birthplace of the Queen Mary of Scots, and then there were Cromwell, Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Duke of Cumberland.
Museum of Writers
This museum is dedicated to the memory of three famous Scottish writers: Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson
Walter Scott's memorial

Day twelveth - Leek

Leek is home to one of the most interesting places for entertainment - Alton Tower. With a huge number of attractions and spectacular fireworks in the theme park, everyone will like it in the family.
If you like to spend relaxing walks around the city, then the Biddulph Grange Garden is the place for you. It is a beautiful Victorian garden, in which there are many diverse flowers and plants.
Right in the city you can also find the mill of Cheldleton Flint, which gives tourists detailed information about the history and process of making ceramics. This is of particular interest to those who are interested in the industrial heritage.
And while you are there, do not forget to look for a double sunset. It seems that the sunset goes behind the hill and again appears again, before sinking to the horizon.

Day thirteenth - Stratford-upon-Avon

Place of birth of Shakespeare - Hall's Croft
Another house connected with Shakespeare - Nash's House / New Place

Day fourteenth - Cardiff

Museum of Welsh Life (Amgueddfa Werin Cymru)
This museum is located on a 42 hectare (104 acres) park, in the village of St Fagans, west of the city center. It takes a whole day. And like in the National Museum, no entrance fee is charged. A huge collection of historic Welsh buildings, including the 19th-century shipyard, ceramics, tannery and Victorian school room, were brought from all over Wales and rebuilt over a vast territory. The site also has a recreated Celtic village - the Iron Age
National Museum and Gallery (Amgueddfa ac Oriel Genedlaethol)

Day fivteenth - Bath

 BATH ABBEY - the Abbey Church of the 15th century is built on the site where Edgar was crowned the first king of England.
No 1 ROYAL CRESCENT - Restored and furnished with original Georgian splendor, this house was once the home of the Duke of York.
Roman Baths
 Hot medicinal sources became the cause of Bath. Uniquely restored Roman baths are most interesting to watch in the evening, when the baths are lit with flaming torches. Recommended 2 hours to visit.

Day sixteenth - Cheddar + Tintagel

CHEDDAR SHOWCAVES & GORGE - Street walk, illuminated caves.
 The cheese production in Cheddar - the Cheese Company of the Cheddar Valley - makes the real Cheddar cheese in the world. Now you can visit the factory and follow the fascinating traditional cheese process from rich, unpasteurized local milk to muslin-wrapped and plastered round heads at 56 pounds. You will see and appreciate the delicious results from 5 to 9 months of maturation.
Cheese producers give regular explanations (usually half an hour) of a whole 7-hour process, and they are always happy to answer questions. There is also a short video.
TINTAGEL CASTLE - With its impressive location, full of Atlantic power, on one of the most dramatic shores of England, Tintagel Castle is the place of many legends. The elegant remnants of a medieval castle, probably starting at 13c, represent only one phase of its long history. Even before Richard, Earl of Cornwall built his castle here, Tintagel was associated with the birth of the great legendary King Arthur.

Day seventeenth - Torquay - Winchester

Seabird colonies in Torquay
KENTS CAVERN SHOWCAVES - Discover ancient remains and amazing formations in these 2 million summer caves. Also special evening tours with a 50-minute performance with ancient characters and special effects.
The Great Hall of the Winchester Castle - Wilhelm the Conqueror Winchester was not the royal capital of Saxon Wessex. It was the first castle here. Only the big hall remained, and in the western hall hangs a round table, presumably belonging to King Arthur.

HINTON AMPNER - the inspired combination of formal and informal planting in this garden guarantees delicious and fragrant walks with many surprises.
Winchester Cathedral. Founded in 1079, this cathedral has many treasures, including the illuminated bible of Winchester and the longest medieval church in Europe.
Winchester College - Excursions to one of England's oldest public schools (Mar-Sen)
The Hospital of the Holy Cross is an ancient almshouse by the Itchen River, founded in 1132 by the bishops of the Winchesters. Probably this is the basis of Trollope's story "The Guardian". Norman church, ancient dining hall, garden of craftsmen and traditional travelers Dole. A pleasant two-mile walk from the city center.

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