The itinerary - Germany (Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden) - 6 days

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Often, a ready-made route plan helps to better sort out the sea of ​​opportunities offered by different countries.
In this section we will publish such plans with an indication of the total number of days of the whole trip.

If the journey was carried out by car, the headings of the day will include the mileage planned for that day. Also in the title you will find a list of cities, for this day and place for spending the night (in parentheses). In those cases when the hotel was successful, we will also post a link to it. Thus, in addition to the city you can see information about the hotels we like.
I hope this information will be useful.
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This is a fast paced 6 day itinerary for Germany.

Day One - Berlin

The most famous square of Berlin is Alexanderplatz (with Weltzeituhr watches, which show time in all countries of the world)
It, like the whole of Berlin, unites in the architecture of buildings the past and the present. The square is always crowded and noisy, there are three lines of the Berlin metro, lines of trams and high-speed trains. Half a million people make a transfer here every day.

In 1805 this place was a big market square, which was later named after the Russian Tsar Alexander I. In view of the rapid growth of population in the process of industrialization, Ploshchad Alexandra has gained popularity among the poor people. In the period from 1966 to 1970, the area was built up with new buildings, and its size increased in the direction of the center of eastern Berlin. Here there was a high-rise hotel (123 meters), a huge store, the Teachers' House and later a television tower. But Alexander Square preserved pre-war buildings (Alexanderhaus (Sitz der Bankgesellschaft Berlin) and Berolinahaus).

Red brick church of St. Mary (Marienkirche)
St. Mary's Church (Marienkirche) (German: St. Marienkirche Berlin.) - the oldest of the existing churches in Berlin, one of the once six medieval churches in the historic center of the city. The church is located on Karl-Liebknecht street (German Karl-Liebknecht-Straße).

10: 00-21: 00 (summer); 10: 00-16: 00 (winter)

Berlin Town Hall - Berliner Rathaus
The Red Town Hall in Berlin is quite easy to find - you need to navigate the television tower located on Alexanderplatz. From the square before the town hall not far, and it is visible from afar - a red brick building stands on a 74 m The current town hall building is a renovated building of 60th.. XIX century, which was half destroyed during the bombing of Berlin in 1945.

Opening hours: Mon. - Fri. 09:00 - 18:00

Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
Monday through Saturday 09.00 am - 8.00 pm Sundays and Holidays 12 noon - 8.00 pm From October 1st through March 31st, closing at 7 pm

Unter den Linden.
The main street of Berlin. Wide and straight. It houses the embassies, the Dome Cathedral, the Opera House (Staats opera) and the "Museum Island" adjoins it.

Pergamon Museum / Pergamonmuseum
Am Kupfergraben 5, 10178 Berlin

One of the most famous museums located on the Museum Island on the River Spree in the center of Berlin.

The museum building was built in 1910-1930 under the project of Alfred Messel and Lyudviga Hofmana, primarily to Carl ones as the Humans discovered the Pergamon Altar, as well as for the collection of late antique painting and sculpture exhibits Peredneaziatski museum, including works Hittite, Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian Art and the Islamic Museum (including a frieze from Mshatty). Since 1958 all these meetings are united by the common name "Pergamon Museum".

In the evening - an organ concert in the Dome Cathedral.
The prices are acceptable, slightly less than 20 Euro. The concert is very good. Just do not expect to combine it with a tour of the cathedral. Since the whole action takes place in a separate nave, fenced off from the cathedral by a massive and, of course, closed door.

Day Two - Berlin

The Reichstag, where the German Federal Parliament sits. The Reichstag is open to visitors and offers luxurious views from the dome on the roof. The entrance is free, the main thing is to have the patience to withstand the queue, which moves slower than the analogous one in the Mausoleum in Moscow.
The Brandenburg Gate and the Paris Square (S: Unter den Linden)
The most popular landmark of Berlin is the Brandenburg Gate. There are major music festivals, Loveparade, concerts, football screenings on the big screen and other events.

Free Tour of Berlin
Buses 100 and 200

Buses 100 and 200 go from Zoologischer Garten. This is a city two-story buses that go around all the important places in Berlin. Arriving on the second floor, you can make a "no-hassle excursion" around the city, just huddled round on the bus.

Kaufhaus des Westens
The same landmark of Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate or TV Tower

In the old mall KaDeWe sell everything in the world, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is the sixth floor. In an area equal to two football fields, there is a real food kingdom. KaDeWe claims that if they do not have any goods, it means that it probably simply does not exist

Day Three - Potsdam

The palace of Sanssouci with the park adjacent to it
A small summer palace in the Rococo style was built in 1745-1747 according to the sketches of the Prussian King Frederick the Great.

The new garden was laid in 1787. In accordance with the spirit of the time, trees and shrubs were not cut, but kept their natural shape.

Old Potsdam -
Very nice tourist island. It has its own Brandenburg Gate (the city gate, built in 1770. Thus they are 18 years older than the famous Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, for which the triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome served as an example) and its Market Square. Here were built the City Palace, the Church of St. Nicholas, Lustgarten and the Old Town Hall.

Day Fourth Three- Dresden

Dairy shop Pfunds (Pfunds Molkerei)

Founded in 1880 and decorated with beautiful multi-colored porcelain tiles, this fine old dairy shop - and "the most beautiful dairy shop in the world" - somehow survived the collapse of the GDR. Today it is a popular confectionery and cafe, where delicious snacks and sweet are served.

Address: Bautzner Strasse 79, Neustadt, Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 18:00; Su: 10:00 - 15:00

The world's largest porcelain panel

The panel, painted on twenty-five thousand tiles from Mayen porcelain on the outer wall of the stable courtyard of the Dresden castle, was made in 1904-1907 on the basis of the sgraffito of William Walter of the late 19th century, which was also created on the site of a painting of the 16th century. The panel depicts 94 characters.

Day five - Dresden

Zwinger - Dresden Gallery
A huge baroque complex of museum buildings

Built in 1710-1728 in the late Baroque style by the architect Peppelman and the sculptor Permozero, the three parts of Zwinger were originally intended for a greenhouse and a place for holding courtyard celebrations. In 1847-1855, the architect Semper attached a fourth. This building became a picture gallery back in the late 18th century. Zwinger was destroyed in February 1945, but fortunately, the pictures managed to take out before this. In addition to the huge picture gallery, in which hang Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Rembrandt, Rubens and Durer, Zwinger still has a zoological museum, porcelain collection and weapons ward.


Day Six - Dresden

Grunez-Gevelbe - Residenzschloss
These luxurious chambers with green arches are one of the richest in Europe. Initially, they were in the Dresden Castle, but were taken out for thirty years to the exhibition at the Albertinum Museum. As a result, today you can see two exhibition halls: the new "Green arches" of 2004 and the historical 1723-1730, filled with products from silver, gold, precious stones, ivory and amber.


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