Itinerary - Vienna, Austria - 3 days

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Often, a ready-made route plan helps to better sort out the sea of ​​opportunities offered by different countries.
In this section we will publish such plans with an indication of the total number of days of the whole trip.

If the journey was carried out by car, the headings of the day will include the mileage planned for that day. Also in the title you will find a list of cities, for this day and place for spending the night (in parentheses). In those cases when the hotel was successful, we will also post a link to it. Thus, in addition to the city you can see information about the hotels we like.
I hope this information will be useful.
If you have a desire to share your own routes - (subject: Itinerary%20-%20new%20article) (write us).

We stayed at the  Hotel König von Ungarn. Stunning hotel in the center of the city. For a very reasonable price. 

Day 1

Vienna Ring Tram
See one of the most magnificent Viennese streets, with attractions such as the State Opera, Hofburg, Parliament, Town Hall and many others, receiving information from a multimedia device. At stops marked with the symbol "Ring Tram", the exact time of sending (30-minute-intervals!) Is indicated.

St. Stephen's Cathedral (Stefansdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral), which is on Stephansplatz, the age of the cathedral is more than 800. St. Stephen's Cathedral, the symbol of Vienna and the most significant Gothic constructutions of Austria, conceals a myriad of treasures, some of which can be viewed only as part of the excursion.
Belveder, - Austrian gallery, it is possible to see a lot of paintings of Gustav Klimt. Considered in former times as a country residence, the magnificent Belvedere Palace is now one of the most beautiful sights of Vienna.
The Kunsthistorisches Museum (attracted us mostly by Bosch)

Day 2


Schnbrunn, the former summer residence of the Habsburgs. A magnificent ensemble in which architecture and nature combine so harmoniously that they form an indivisible whole.
Hundertwasser House
He tried to show what should be the dwelling of man, continuing to link with nature. Despite its originality and human idea, such houses have never entered our life. The natural landscape of the Hundertwasser was preserved not only in front of the house, leaving a large hill in the middle of the street, but also in the interior. There, the natural landscape is reflected through uneven floors and undulating walls.

Day 3

Hofburg, - Hofburg, the old residence of the Habsburgs, who ruled the country until the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
The grandiose palace complex consists of 18 buildings, 19 courtyards, 54 staircases and 2600 rooms. It was built in 1460, rebuilt by Emperor Maximilian I in 1494, by Empress Maria Theresa in 1770.

MUMOK - Museum of Modern Art

Vienna Forest: a special interest here is the visit to the Hunting Estate, during this tour you will get to know the oldest continuously operating monastery of the Cistercians, the Holy Cross (12th century). The church at the monastery is very beautiful: one half of it is built in the Romanesque style, and the other half is in the Gothic style.
Then you will go by boat to the largest underground lake in Europe (6200 m2).

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