What to bring as a gift from Costa Rica

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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The most popular souvenirs to bring from Costa Rica are coffee and rum.

Altough It is cheaper to buy coffee in the supermarket, it is better in a specialized shop or even a large gift shops. Pay attention to the brands Dota and Doka. The most delicious coffee is obtained from grains after mild to strong roasting.

Bacardi Reserva is an exclusive 16-year aging rum. You can find it in specialty stores only.

"Rick's Cafe" is a very nice creamy coffee liqueur.

Here are examples of other gift items that can be brought to remember Costa Rica:

Products made of ceramic.

They are for every taste - different sorts of vases, trays and decorations handmade from ceramic . Unique and exquisite.

Handicrafts made of wood: you can bring back from Costa Rica a rocking chair, made of wood and leather. It can be disassembled and packed in a standard carton, which is not larger than the average suitcase. They come in different shapes, sizes and weights. It is also possible to buy tableware, masks and figurines of different animals and all kinds of boxes for jewelry. All of this is made of tropical wood.

"Musical" frog.

Stands for a coffee filter.

Clothing with the image of the wild nature.

butterflies of all types and sizes in frames.

The feathers of Costa Rican birds with hand made drawings. The cost is not expensive.

Colorful hammocks, made with macrame technique.

If you want something more solid, in jewelry stores you can find gold jewelry which are replicas of pre-Columbian jewelry or products with semi-precious stones and corals.

Most shops are open from 9:00 to 20:00, as a rule, with a break for lunch from 12:00 to 14:00.

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