What to bring as a gift from Turkey

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Souvenirs and works of Art

 "Nazar" or evil eye stone (Turkish: nazar boncugu )  - is dark blue flat eyes made of glass, Turkish talisman that is meant to protect against the evil eye. Nazar is usually worn as a pendant on neck, or it is used to decorate beads and bangles; and big disks can be hung even on walls of houses above an entrance. 
Osman miniatures, ceramics, wares made of copper not only will adorn a house, but also can become an excellent gift for friends. 
Hookahs of various designs are also available.

Conditioning agents of body care

Sponges (natural dried up marine plants) are very good for doing the peeling oneself independently. 
Olive soap - In souvenir stalls there are for sale special bathhouse's sets, which besides these accessories include a little pelvis and aromatic herbages. Aromatic oils for massage can be added as a gift as well.
In any town of Turkey can be found small shops called Aktar, which assortment includes all natural items such as various oils, soaps, shampoos et cetera.

Coffee and tea

Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi is brand of the best Turkish coffee.
Turkish coffee - "kahve" is very strong coffee made by bringing finely ground coffee, sugar and water to a boil three times, allowing it to cool very briefly between boiling. Turkish coffee is made in a special long-handled, open, brass or copper pot called a jezve or ibrik and served in tiny cups immediately after the third boil.
There is also lovely drink - "Apple Tea" that can be drunk both hot and cold. 
As it is mentioned above, in any town of Turkey in retail outlets Aktar can be bought various natural goods such as herbal gatherings, tea and so on. Lime tea that is for sale by weight uses demand.

Alcoholic beverages

Turkish vodka or fruit brandy "Rakia" (also Rakija) of 45-degree is produced out of anise and distilled very well. "Rakia" is made also in Bulgaria and Greece, where it is named as "Ouzo". 


Cheese "Suluguni" (i.e. Feta cheese) is for sale on markets. It is very delicious, has the plait form and well stored.

Sweets and confectionery products

These days Turkish delight Rahat Loukoum can be bought easily and outside of Turkey. But in Turkey there are available much more kinds. The tastiest one is packed into yellow-orange boxes with the image of walnuts. 
Pakhlava (Turkish: Baklava) is the known pastry product made of puff pasty with nuts. It can be purchased by weight and in different packing as well.
Halvah (Turkish: Helva) can be found in different types: with pistachios, with chocolate and so on. Nut-butter based: This type of halva is crumbly and usually made from Tahini (sesame paste) or other nut butters, such as sunflower seed butter. The primary ingredients are nut-butter and sugar.
Pismaniye (or pishmaniye) is very delicious variety of halvah. It looks as the halvah extended in fibres and rolled in tangles, like sweet cotton wool. Although the texture is similar to candy floss, both method and ingredients are different. The motherland of pishmaniye is city Izmit, administrative center of Kocaeli Province. Therefore it is advised to buy pishmaniye that made exactly there.
Saray helvasi is another type of halvah. It is for sale only in packing. By something it reminds pishmaniye, but consistency is more similar to usual halva.
The basis of Turkish halvah is sesame; there is also "liquid" halvah, i.e. Tahini paste. In Turkey Tahin can be mixed with Pekmez. In shops available even sets - tahin and pekmez, which only should be at home mixed up. The mixture turns out very nutritious; it is eaten basically in winter. Tahin is a versatile puree made with wholegrain sesame seeds grilled at a low temperature and finely ground. Through grilling a better taste and a considerable decrease in humidity, necessary for a proper preservation, are obtained. Sesame is said to stimulate intellectual activity and memory. It is in any case certain that, thanks to its high phosphorus, lecithin and unsaturated fat content, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
Pekmez is grape or mulberry juice that has been boiled down to thickness of honey. Pekmez is the molasses-like syrup obtained after condensing juices of fruit must, especially grape, fig or mulberry, by boiling with coagulant agents. It is used as syrup or mixed with tahini for breakfast.
Churchkhela (Turkish: Pestil Cevizli Sucuk) that word by word means: sujuk with walnuts, - is east sweet as nuts strung on a thread in thickened syrup on the basis of grape juice.
Pastille (Turkish: Pestil) is a fruit candy that made of grapes or mulberry, unrolled in sheets and sun-dried. Pestil is a traditional dried fruit snack, which is consumed in Turkey. Wheat starch is mixed with different clarified fruit juices such as grape, mulberry, apricot or plum and cooked using traditional techniques. 
Kestane sekeri are chestnuts in syrup. The motherland of this sweet is city Bursa.

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