What to bring as a gift from Argentina

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Mate can be the most typical and exotic gift for friends and acquaintances. This is a grassy drink called Mate (also there is one more name for it, that is Jerba or Yerba), which can be bought with a souvenir set for its preparation. Jerba Mate (a grass that is called "mate") is a name of a grass, which grows in Argentina. Vessels for preparation mate are manufactured from such materials as pumpkin, aluminium, and also silver and gold. Jerba Mate is to be imposed in a vessel, filled by hot, but not boiling water (70 °), and is drunk through an iron tubule, which is called "bombija" or "bombilla". Mate is usually drunk by a company. When it is required water is to be added into the drink and it is to be passed around from one person to another. When a visitor does not wish to drink the mate any more, he tells "thanks" (on the Argentina dialect of Spanish it sounds as "kaste`jano"). However it is important to know that the mate it is necessary to be able to prepare in correct manner, therefore it is most probably an exotic, than practical gift.


The Argentina’s wine one of the best in the world.
But wine is better for buying only in winemaking area because in Buenos Aires it frequently arrives for sale not liquid production and qualitative wine can be found only under the recommendation.

A foodstuff and sweet delicacies

"Alfahores" are cookies covered with a glaze of black and white chocolate, such as "Blanco y negro", "Titas", "Jorgitos", "Capitan del espacio" and others. In resort coastal small towns are on sale Alfajores Artesanales of handwork. There is an opinion that the best are Alfahores of  "Havana" mark.
The Main pride of any Argentinean this is well-known Dulce De Leche. It is similar to the boiled condensed milk. This product is made, for example, with nuts, with fruit or without anything. It would be very lovely to bring it for friends as a gift. 
Grape oil is very useful and is not available anywhere more in the world (it is an excellent gift for the senior generation and for people influenced to allergic reactions)


Poncho is kind of very warm cape (such as square dress with a hole in the middle for a head). It remains from Gaucho called Argentina "Cossacks". At each province of Argentina the colours of this kind of clothes are different. The best poncho can be bought in area of Salta. 
Mislaid in mountains San Carlos de Bariloche is a city in the province of Río Negro, Argentina, situated in the foothills of the Andes and surrounded by lakes is known for products from a wool of vicunya (it is a kind of a high-quality wool from similar to the llama being). But concerning wool of vicunya it is necessary to remember that all that costs less than 300 dollars is a fake. Wool of the vicunya can be cut only three times for its life, therefore its wool very expensive and usually instead of it there are on sale products from wool of the llama or alpaca. 
Fur coats that are differ not only by excellent quality, but also by the attractive price. 
There is a sheepskin also available.

Good jersey of known marks (La Costa, Cacharel and others), which is available on sale under the prices below the European. 
It is possible to buy also multi-coloured female shawls of large knitting. Their cost fluctuates from 5 to 25 American dollars.
It would be also nice to bring pair of trousers gaucho called bombacha.
Area Palermo Viejo is famous for smart lingerie and accessories.
There are also possible to purchase football vests of a national team or club.

Products made of leather

Argentina is known for products made of leather such as jackets, bags and high quality footwear. It is possible to getcowhides and products from them (such as bags, belts, rugs etc.). 
Leather products from capybara (carpincho) (bags, footwear, belts, a purse etc.) This leather of terracotta colour also is more similar to suede, but be careful of fakes.
There are leather maps of Argentina of different formats. 
Also there are on sale leather raincoats and jackets.
While purchasing belts as a gift, it is necessary to remember that they are available under the price around 30 pesos, i.e. approximately 10 dollars. It is possible to choose it for all tastes and the diversified design. It is better to buy them in usual supermarkets of clothes because all owners of tourist shops buy those products from there and then again sell it           with 100-200 % of profit. 
There is man's footwear of a very good quality, but probably it hardly can be told about female footwear.


Jeweller ornaments made of eighteen carats of Argentina gold are very graceful and various. To buy them is better in Buenos Aires, in the street Libertad.
There are products made of Rodocrosita that is semiprecious mineral (it seems a kind of a carbonate of magnesium), extracted in northern provinces of Argentina. Usually it is to be mount in silver and more rare in gold. The price and colour vary depending on cleanliness of a stone.


Traditional Wattled rugs can become a good gift. 
In Buenos Aires on the square called Rekoletta on the days off the large market of various handicrafts functions. It is possible to buy beautiful and inexpensive products made of silver or of natural semiprecious stones, which are extracted in Argentina. There are also interesting products from a leather, decorative masks and plates. There are wooden puzzles and figures from a local tree (it seems is called as iron wood because it sinks in water). And still it is a lot of that... In general if there is a possibility it is necessary to visit this market, for certain something to itself will be picked up! 
As well around San Telmo it is possible to find many interesting things made by hands. 
It is possible to get interesting gifts on so-called feria artesanal. Here all products, whether it is ornaments, toys from a tree for children or clothes, are made manually. At times it is possible to find very original and inexpensive things. It is necessary to pay attention on feria that is in Belgrano, plaza Juramento.


Cosmetic preparations also can become a suitable gift. Here it is possible to buy good cosmetics on the basis of grapes. 
Musical instruments such as guitars and souvenirs connected with a tango. 
There are sea gifts, for example, cockleshells of the various sizes and the form, from small to the huge. It is possible to bring starfishes also. 
On island Ushuaia in a zone of free trade purchases will be especially favourable.
And it is possible to find in Pampas knifes and mouthpieces made of silver and Alpaca also

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