What to bring as a gift from Austria

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Augartenporzelan are porcelain products of factory Augarten in Vienna.

Marillen Schnaps from Vahau is an apricot moonshine from a place called Vahau near Vienna.

Schilcher Wein - wine from Shtiriya.

Tiroler Filzhut are felt hats from Tirol.

Miniatures and all that is connected with Stephan Dom (the main church), Schloss Schonbrunn (Kaiser Apartments) and Hundertwasserhaus, the house constructed by the Austrian architect by the surname of Hundertwasser. 

Mozart Kuegel are round chocolates with marzipan - the confectionery symbol of Austria known all over the world. You can find those in branches of shops of delicacies "United colors of chocolate" or in any supermarket. In a “Billa” supermarket a box will cost 10 euros. A box of the same weight and quality, but a different portrait of Mozart will cost 4 in “Tsilpunkt.”

Candied violets and "Zaher" pie in a graceful wooden box from the oldest confectioner's shop called "Demel". 

For fans of smoking a pipe, the product of Austrian pipe master Peter Mattshold will become a remarkable gift. Pipes with his personal seal are among ten most popular pipes in the world.

The Austrian rum Stroh, whose tincture makes it delicious and healthy to  add to  cocktails and tea in the winter. 

Eiswein (a natural semisweet wine manufactured from frozen grapes) is sold  in thin long bottles of dark glass, of  350 or 500 ml. It is cheaper to buy it at the market that works on Saturdays in Vienna.  

Pumpkin seed oil (Kurbiskernol) is the number one product of Austrian export.

You ought to pay attention to museum shops. For example, you can find different kinds of designer and \or cool souvenirs in the MAK or ÌUÌÎÊ or simply  in shop located in the Museum quarter. Items there are very original and the prices start at 3 euros. In regard to diascopes (slide projector), jewelry boxes and other traditional beauty, those can be bought in Kunsthistorisch or the Belvedere.  And it is possibly to only go to the shop. 

As Vienna is the former capital of an empire, it is possible and it is necessary also to bring "colonial" souvenirs, for example the Hungarian salamis from here.

Also it is possible to bring souvenirs made of stones. There is a considerable amount of the shops specializing in hand-made articles from agate, quartz, etc. You can even bring a whole stone, too!

In cafe "Zaha" it is necessary to buy a pie "Zaha". Zaha's "Zaha" is the only “Zaha” pie as recognized by a court of law.  

There are crystal souvenirs from Swarovski also on sale.  

In Salzburg the firm ROCO offers amazing models-copies of steam locomotives with steam generators and sound simulators of a steam engine.

Here are is the most famous Viennese miniature horse statues, known as lipitstsansk`s breed, for the living room cabinet.

Small musical boxes... (look similar to a real street barrel organ, only  small ). There is a great number of them on sale opposite  Hundertwasser's house , but I think that it is possible to find these goods in other gift shops also... They  play fragments from classical performances. 

 The traditional coat from dense wool called Loden.

For my female friends I would probably buy inexpensive, but selected with  good taste costume jewelry, which  costs from 30 to 50 euros. Or the souvenirs related to the well-known empress, about whom we hear fantastic myths. Mentioned above souvenirs may cost from 10 to 15 euros. Or we can buy a plate on a wall for about 10 euros. For  my family friends , which like to get together with friends  very often , I would like to offer some kind of souvenir glasses or kitchenwareswith various subjects that  cost up to 100 euros. For mum's friends and other acquaintances I would like to offer  “Mozart” sweets, which are manufactured in Austria. Or any knickknacks for the refrigerator for up to 10 euros also would be suitable. The traditional item  is  French perfume and also small souvenirs for up to 10 euros would be to the point.

Reproductions of Gustav Klimt, who is the known Austrian artist. His reproductions are placed on all souvenirs, beginning from calendars, shawls, scarves and finishing with bags, cups, saucers and complete coffee sets .

Schnapps (for example, the most typical is apricot schnapps).

A bell for a cow (but they are so huge that hardly may be called  hand bells)

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