What to bring as a gift from Belgium

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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There is Perfume Guy Delforge. It is a perfumery salon and a workshop. In this unique in Northern Europe centre of creation of the perfumes each visitor can observe various phases of creation of perfumery. Perfumes are born and ripen in bowels of Medieval Fortress Namur, in casemates of the epoch of Charles V! 
The Gold Medal in London, England, 1989
Winner (Promotion des Arts-Caius) in Bruxelles, Belgium, 1992
Award (Major Imagen de Marca) in Madrid, Spain, 1993
Gold medal (Medaille d'Or) in Paris, France, 1994 
To purchase perfume is possible on the following address: Parfums Guy Delforge s.a. Château des Comtes, Route Merveilleuse, 5000 Namur Citadelle, Belgique

Porcelain and ceramic

There are charming white-dark blue vases and other products reminding production of "Gzhel". Such combination of colours is the Dutch national colouring as well.
Also it is possible to choose for a gift beautiful porcelain dolls.

Wine and alcoholic drinks

It is possible to bring Jenever (a local strong drink, the ancestor of gin). 
There are different kinds of wonderful beer. In such small state as Belgium is brewed over 500 grades of beer, and some of them have history more then 400 years. Belgians are very fond of beer and they are able to brew it. Therefore it is necessary to bring as a souvenir and a gift from this country some small bottles of a foamy drink. Especially that it to be pack into different beautiful wrappers making from each bottle the real exclusive gift. There is also a local fruit beer for all tastes such as made of raspberry, cherry and even from berries of a black currant.
The most well known grades of the Belgian beer are:
"Trappist" is very strong, slightly bitterish to the test drink with dark sediment that is very useful because of high maintenance in it of vitamin B. "Abbey" is beer of the abbeys and each its mark has the monastic history. In ancient times monks consumed huge quantities of the drink satisfying with it both thirst and hunger. Well and beer "Kriek" certainly will be pleasant to women because after all it is not a knockdown beer, and is brewed on fresh berries of a ripe cherry and is more rare on strawberries and a black currant. Cherry beer "Kriek" is very popular and it is of the local manufacture. It does not have analogues (more precisely of course there are some attempts to make it, but without knowledge of a secret of the recipe, alas...).
Having been in the Belgium and leaving it without testing local beer and not to bring some bottles as a souvenir and a gift to home it is simply a crime.

Confectionery products and chocolate

The company "Guylian", astablished in year 1960 by Guy and Lillian Faubert, for today is the leader on manufacture of chocolates in boxes in Belgium. Assortments of chocolates "Sea cockleshells from "Guylian” have become one of the most favourite souvenirs of Belgium. It is possible to collect all set of candies one by one by itself and there is a possibility to buy readymade set.

But also there is an opinion that sweets "Guylian" are not so delicious and it would not be a fine gift. In first, the chocolate from Leonidas, New House and Marcolini are much more tasty (and last names mentioned above are most "steep" and expensive). And secondly, candies "Guylian" can be found practically in any supermarket of Russia.
The branches of “Leonidas” are the best parity of the price and quality. Such chocolate is not available anywhere in the world! 
The most well known chocolate to all Europe is Cote d'Or.
And also the tastiest chocolate is Mary and it is the most expensive. Here is their site: http://www.mary.be. They continue to prepare chocolate manually as well as many years ago. The chocolate is to be prepared specially for a royal court and actually is very expensively. Beside of this it usually is to be vanished quickly, therefore if you have dared to buy it, do not postpone in a distant box.

There are wafers. Especially tasty are Brussels (Bruxelles) wafers.

Devices and mechanisms of a household purpose

Fondue is the special device that allows melting chocolate and it is possible to dip fruits, cookies or cheese slices into it. It is lovely to cook amazingly delicious and easy for preparation a dessert dish.
There are miscellaneous kinds of fondue. Basically the hot oil is to be poured into it in which then suppose to dip meat slices. Fondue for meat and chocolate are differ in the size (for chocolate are smaller).
Frit is a potato cut in rectangular sticks and fried in an oil of considerable quantity. This is kind of an art. To get tasty "frit", at first it is necessary to fry it approximately during two minutes and then it is required to throw it back on a colander. Then someone removes surpluses of oil with impregnating paper and after 10-15 minutes fries again to readiness. It should be crackling outside, gentle inside and having golden colour. And it is possible to bring as a gift a deep fryer. And it would be lovely also to use it at home recollecting the Belgium.

Souvenirs and antiques

Souvenirs are basically presented in shops around Grand Place. It is the Manneken Pis, the boy is on every possible variations (such as lighters, openers for bottles, other items with his image, it cost from 3 euros). There are beer mugs of different forms and sizes. It can be sold separately or in a set with the beer, it cost from 8 euros. Plates that cost from 10-12 euros there are on sale also. It would be charming to bring laces that cost from 2-3 euros for small serviette.
There are souvenirs that are presented in a form of Atomium. The Atomium is one of sights of Bruxelles. This is a construction in the form of the atoms and made of nine spheres. In the uppermost sphere there is a restaurant. In the others there are different expositions are presented.
In the Flemish Region in such cities as Gent, Antwerp, Bruges, Leuven, Amsterdam etc., the Flemish language is on practical use. Such inscriptions as "ALLES UITVERKOOP" or "ALLES MOET WEG" mean, "All is for sale" or "All should leave". Behind windows with such inscriptions it is possible to find everything, often antiques or something original that in a normal life someone would never find. But such goods are typical for the country, it is possible to get it for the small sum and that is important too.


There are laces also. All know that Belgium since long time is the very famous for the whole world for manufacture of laces. Here has been tat so amazing that only royal houses could allow themselves to have it. And now on streets of Bruges it is possible to observe tat maids wearing white caps and patterned shawls, which slowly knit this graceful miracle. It is necessary to bring with oneself exclusive gifts having form of laces such as clothes, napkins, tablecloths, towels or a small peace of lace that is beautifully issued in a framework.

Jewellery and jewels

It would be nice to bring a love stone, i.e. a brilliant from Antwerp.


Tapestry is the Belgian invention also. Near Grand Place there are little shops with the goods made of tapestry cloth such as small pillows, beauticians, bag, purses etc. It is really very beautiful. It is possible to buy a small purse for 8-10 Euros.

Works of the Art

There are portraits of royal family.
The coat of arms of regions of the country those are very interesting also

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