What to bring as a gift from Brazil

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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 Native Americans hand craft articles from wood,  (usually mahogany, known as pau-brazil) and from  stone. A figurine in the form of a fico is a symbol that is said to banish evil ghosts and attract good luck and will be especially appreciated.
Wattled fabric bracelets are very nice. Such bracelets are to be wound round the wrist three times. It is considered to bring good fortune.
A lot of souvenirs from Brazil are connected with the sea and with seafarers. In souvenir shops it is possible to buy models of ships, cockleshells, figures of pirates, miniature beacons and ship lanterns, souvenir sea charts and thermometers and even a real ship’s steering wheel. 

Precious and semiprecious gemstones

There are precious and semiprecious gemstones such as amethysts (of a reddish shade), brilliants, tourmalines, topazes of the rare bright orange, almost red, or dark blue colours, emeralds, sapphires, tanzanite of dark-violet colour, opals and turquoise. The quality of stones is much better than that can be found in shops in Russia and prices are much lower.. Jewellery experts appreciate rare Brazilian aquamarines. 

Figures made of ornamental stone

On Avenida Atlantic that runs alongside the well-known Copacabana beach,  figurines made from rather inexpensiveornamental stone are on sale. It is advisable not to carry from Brazil figures of dolphins, which can be found in many places. One recommendation I would make is to purchase figures of typically Brazilian animals and birds such as armadillos , jaguar or a parrot. Birds, perhaps, are the most popular object for local stonecutters. Usually they are made from several pieces of different kinds of a stone and put on brushes of crystals, mainly on amethyst and pink quartz. These birds are of varied sizes, from ten to forty centimetres in length.

Products of clothes and items made of a fabric

There are varied products made from the wool of the llama.
There are also souvenirs with football symbols such as sports vests and shorts with emblems of national football teams and with numbers and surnames of favourite Brazilian football players, past and present.
hammock from bleached cotton can be bought for 20 Reals.

Machete and kitchen knifes

Machetes are on sale in all knife shops. However you should take into account that here they are very expensive and secondly you are likely to encounter problems with customs. 
Kitchen knifes. Cookware and cutlery by the Brazilian firm Tramontina, are of high professional quality. They are not known for refined design but the quality is excellent and the price is reasonable.

Alcoholic beverages and coffee

It would be lovely to bring to share it with friends and relatives, a bottle of Caipirinha - an emerald-green alcoholic beverage, which is drunk with lime and ice, or Cachaca, which is the most popular distilled alcoholic drink in Brazil, a kind of reed moonshine./ 
Of course,  Brazilian coffee is also available. 

Musical instruments

Musical instruments such as berimbau, which sets a rhythm in a capoeira, bongo drums and other percussion instruments, can be found at the hippie fair on Ipanema (Feira Hippie) on Sundays.

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