What to bring as a gift from Bulgaria

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Souvenirs in the form of masks are made of a tree, skin, fur, feathers etc. Kukeri masks are characteristic of Bulgaria (kukers are spirits that driving away evil ghosts and calling fertility). In Bulgaria Kuker`s masquerade festivals are organized every year. One of the most known having international status is conducted in the Pernik. So, such Kukeri masks are very characteristic for Bulgaria. It is possible to buy it in a shop of souvenirs. 


Pictures of local artists with the images of traditional Bulgarian houses.

Wall souvenirs such as products made of a tree, woodcarving especially with sights of monasteries, which are plenty in Bulgaria, would be a nice gift.

Different wooden souvenirs decorated with pyrographic (the process or art of producing designs on wood, leather, or other materials by using heated tools or a fine flame. Also it is a design made by this process).

Delightful clay products also. 

Dolls dressed up in national clothes are improbably good. 

Set of floor vases of the most various forms and made of different kinds of materials would be a lovely gift. 

Wall clocks are in the most different framings.

The embroidered products

It is good to bring for the memory are beautiful embroidered by Bulgarian "shevitsa" tablecloths and napkins as it's set with very characteristic national pattern from travel across the Bulgaria. Those embroidered products are very match with ceramic services known as "Trojan ceramics". 
Here are also very beautiful tablecloths knitted on one spoke or in a combination with flax. There are coverlets for a sleeping bed of the same design. There are very specific and beautiful counterpanes called  "chergi" that are representing woven at home stile. Those are made of multi-coloured fabrics and a yarn. Sometimes it is really works of art. There can be that not everyone would be pleasant with it, but actually bright and solar colours always have been appearing very attractively and excitingly.

Copper stamping ware and copper minting

Real copper "Turks" can be found on a small street of handicraftsmen (such kind of streets there are in every resort city of Bulgaria). Whole process of manufacturing will take place for you on your own eyes and you will enjoy of getting remarkable pleasure. 
Certainly that is written about copper ware, which can be made (can be minted) in front of your own face, if only there would be time and desire that is told very precisely.

Copper minting itself.


Traditional Bulgarian ceramics such as teacups and type of kitchen ceramic utensils for serving a cooked duck are very nice. It is lovely to enjoy of such products including products of "Greina Rakia" (hot rakia) that is kind of a jug having are hung up small cups made of clay on it from which warmed up Rakiya is to be drunk (there is an opinion that it is not a drinking but kind of treatment). 
Ceramic products of "Trojan ceramics".


The Rahat lakoum that is manufactured here strongly differs from the usual Turkish. It is less sweet and more fragrant. Flower lakoum that made with addition of rose water is especially tasty.

In regard to Bulgarian lakoum it is necessary to mention Nut lakoum because it is really tastier then Turkish.

Productions with rose water and rose oil

There are charming productions made with addition of rose water and rose oil (attar of roses). Wooden small bottle with rose essence or rose water can be found in any gift shop.
It is possible to bring all kinds of products made with rose water and the oil from Bulgaria. It can be such items as soap, scented water, perfumery, food supplements etc. There are specialised shops for such goods.
And also it is necessary to pay respect to the Rose jam that is very delicious.

Wines and alcoholic drinks

Traditional Bulgarian wines. Wines are nice both, the red and the white. There are white such as "Karlovski Misket", "Sungularski Misket", "Ludogorsko byalo", "Dimjat", "Sofia Shardone", "Keratsuda", "Traminer". 
There are red also such as "Gamza Suhindol", "Cabernet of Sovinon", "Merlo", "Cherga", "Melnik", "Khan Krum", "Mavrud" that is especially from the central Bulgaria, for example, from the city Asenovgrad and other.
There is Bulgarian vodka called Rakia such as plum "Slivensky Perla", grape "Burgas-63", "Karnobatsky", "Peshera", "Slivova", "Kaisieva". This is a qualitative alcohol and drinks that bearing in power of the Bulgarian nature and temperament of its population and there are many other things in addition to it.


"Kori" is a thinly rolled dough that is an intermediate product from which having brought it and brynza (the feta) from Bulgaria easily can be made banitsa, a traditional Bulgarian pastry prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of sirene (Bulgarian Feta Cheese) between pastry and then baking it in an oven. It would be nice to offer it to friends and relatives after arrival and that would give to stories about the Bulgaria special colouring. It is on sale in all shops and the factory packing allows to transport it without problems and even to send by post. 
In regard to "tasty" gifts we can mention a halvah and brynza (packed into a tin) that are very delicious.
To fans of vegetables can be given advisable recommendation to take a jar of Bulgarian red peppers that are baked on a fire. Here are peppers as a potato in Russia.
Lukanka and sujuk are kinds of sausage products and they are on sale in each grocery shop. But those are manufactured using process of an authentic technology and with special spices only in Bulgaria. There is crude forcemeat made only of beef and pork or mixed together with adding of seasonings. First of all it to be made as a sausage and after that a special technological process is going on. By the way it is very tasty and there are many kinds of those products. If you did not try it yet then it is strongly recommended to test it next time. It is the most suitable unique snack to the Bulgarian wine because manufactured only in Bulgaria.
Lutenitsa is a foodstuff typical for Bulgaria. It is prepared from baked and ground red pepper and tomatoes. It can be bought in any grocery shop and there are many variants of it.

Gifts that are connected with a holiday known as Martenitsa

If someone knows there is a holiday called Martenitsa. For this spring holiday martenitsi are made in form of red and white symbols in kinds of bracelets, wattled pictures, figures and etc.
Martenitsa is a symbol of health, happiness and well-being. Annually on 1st of March a holiday Baba Martha (in Bulgarian it means Grandma March) is celebrated in the country. On this day people offer to relatives, friends and acquaintances a symbol that called martenitsa. It can look as the red-white strings weaved among themselves on which ends are represented a man and a woman or "hand bells". It is considered that in March evil ghosts wake up and martenitsa protects people against them. It is to be wearing throughout all month pinned on a breast or simply tied on a wrist. And on the end of March it has to be removed from itself and hung up on a blossomed bush or a tree, or someone can throw it on a field if there is a stork could be seen. But this gift is probably timely only in February-March.


Cosmetics in Bulgaria are quite good and it is also not so expensive. These are creams, deodorants and series of cosmetics for face skin care. There is "Deva" a product from Rubella for example. You can have a look on sight Rubella.bg. There is a Russian version also. 
Good Bulgarian cosmetics such as creams, shampoos, figured soaps that are sold by weight (products of such firms as "Alen Mak", "Deva", "Refan").

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