What to bring as a gift from Denmark

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Alcoholic beverages and bitters

Gammel dansk is a light alcoholic beverage, which can be drunk usually at the breakfast. Its name is translated from Danish as "Old Danish". The ingredients in Gammel dansk are carefully selected for their aromatic sharp and bitter qualities.Initially it has been produced as bitters having restorative effects to smooth over and remove a bellyache.

Also, "Old Danish" is a drink that can be served for the mid-day meal, i.e. frokost (dinner).

But because of various herbages are used in it at preparation the beverage can be determined as for a fan.

Aquavit (also spelled as Aqua vitae, Akvavit or Akevitt) is a Scandinavian flavored spirit that typically contains 40% alcohol by volume. Aqua vitae are better for buying at the airport.

There are the most known brands of the Danish beer such as Carlsberg and Tuborg.

Faxe and Ceres are less known marks of the Danish beer.

Confectionery products  

There are traditionally baked delicious ginger cookies. 

It would be lovely to offer confectionery products of Dan Cake and Anton Berg to friends and relatives. Danish Marzipanmaker Anthon Berg uses pairings like plum and marzipan truly sublime. 

Marzipans ( Odense marcipan) are confections of crushed almonds or almond paste, sugar and egg whites that are often shaped into various forms. The name has come from German Marzipan, earlier marzipan that is a misinterpretation of Italian marzipan (as from Latin "Marci panis"  "Mark's bread"). Marzipan has been used for centuries by pastry chefs all over the world. It can be used in baking and for covering and filling cakes. Its offering would greatly represent colouring ofDenmark, especially before New year. During this period Danes decorate them with candles. Marzipan is an important Christmas tradition in most countries; the most charming is the Danish Marzipan Party.

There are also others tasty Danish cookies such as Brun Kager (Brunkager). That also belongs to unique Danish confectionsknown for it's exquisite flavor and texture. 


Cheese Brie in Denmark is matchless (especially is pleasant for tasting Danish Blue).  

Danish Blue cheese, also known as Danablu if it is made in Denmark is a light, blue-veined cheese having fresh and crumbly texture. The Danes invented this blue gourmet cheese in 1927 as an alternative to Roquefort.


Mermaid or a water nymph is the main "souvenir from Denmark". Sometimes it seems that Danes regard to it with a coolness. They do not offer souvenirs on the theme sufficiently, except for a figurine of a product of the Royal Copenhagen. Others "mermaids" are made in China with corresponding quality and design. 

There are the best in the world Christmas toys for a fur-tree. 

Denmark is famous for the constructor Lego. In Legoland in the town Billund, it is possible to find set of various souvenir productions of Lego. 

Den Kongelige Livgarde (The Royal Life Guards) is an infantry regiment of the Royal Danish Army, formed in 1658. Theybear protection at a royal palace wearing high black shaggy caps. Den Kongelige Livgarde represented in form of toy soldiers (dolls) would be an exclusive presentation from Denmark.

Porcelain wares and related products

Royal Copenhagen is a porcelain that is expensive and on a personal liking, but there is a good variant to bring their knickknack. In the Copenhagen there are little shops not only with the Royal, but offering others trademarks that cost cheaply, but quality is not worse. 

Ware, kitchen accessories and household utensils

There are two more trademarks of ware and all kitchen accessories in general. These are Rosendahl and Holmegaard. It is possible to bring as a gift both unbreakable glasswares for wine and any trifle, such as saltcellars and jars for spices made in the best traditions of the Danish design (i.e. boring). Wares of Holmegaad are beautiful and elegant, therefore it are pleasant to many hostesses all over the world. Then they have an excursion to the manufacture where it is possible to "blow" something from glass. 

There are household utensils of "harmless ecofriendly" design (wood and metal are used) of a brand Trip Trap.

Home appliances and audio & video products

Bang & Olufsen is a manufacturer of a complete line of audio and video products. It is not particularly souvenirs, but home appliances of the higher class. Probably it is the best among its category. But cost of items is also at the high rate.

Products made of precious metals 

Ornaments of handwork silver would be luxury gifts. 

There are elegant silver candlesticks for a fur-tree (trade mark Georg Jensen). 

Sports equipment 

There is qualitative sports equipment. 

Leather products

It would be nice to purchase as gifts wares made of a skin of Danish firm "ADAX" for relatives and friends. There are bags and purses that very beautiful and having high quality and good value; but items are not so cheap. And also there is a wide choice of magnificent leather gloves for women. 

Clothes and footwear 

Clothes of Danish designers can be bought also. 

There is footwear from Ecko.

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