What to bring as a gift from Egypt

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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There are scarabs and pyramids. Amulets as a scarab beetle were popular as early as times of pharaohs, that is almost five thousand years ago. A scarab is a sign of the god Amon-Ra ( also spelled as Amen-Ra) that is god of the Sun. It is considered that the scarab brings good luck and happiness.

There are figurines of deities and pharaohs in the form of animals: a Cat Goddess Bastet (Bast), Horus (also Heru or Har) is the Egyptian Falcon God, the Jackal Headed God Anubis, the Hathor (also Hator, Het-Hert) is the Cow Headed Goddess, the Ibis God Thoth (also Djhuty, Djehuty, Tehuty). Quality products are considered those that are made of traditional Egyptian materials such as basalt, granite and alabaster. Such figures look expensive and in the course of time do not lose their original appearance. To distinguish gypsum it is enough to pass ones nail over the basis: if there is a white scratch, it means that is not a stone. It is better to buy things at the  Alabaster Factory in Luxor.

Papyrus is a reed paper that is manufactured under recipes of ancient Egyptians until now. The original papyrus not only looks excellent but also is made with high qualitaty: it is not rumpled, does not break at the bend and does not smell. Fakes and imitations that are made of rice and palm leaves are rumpled and crumble easily. Everything that can be manufactured from paper is made of papyrus: from bookmarks to picture linens and wall calendars. The real prices for the quality papyrus begin from $3 for small pictures of 8х12 centimetres, and can go up to several hundred dollars for  big canvases in frames under glass. Everything that is cheaper than $2 is a fake.

There is  hookah or "Shisha" -  Egyptian "Shisha" is considered classical. The minimum price for original Egyptian"Shisha" is $25.  fruit tobacco costs one dollar per pack.

There is Carcade tea from flowers of Hibiscus or the Sudanese rose.

There are aromatic oils. At perfumery shops in Egypt sellers willingly share secrets and obligingly show  on what basic smell the popular perfume had been created.

We would like to notice that fragrant oils are bought  not only by women but also by men: eucalyptus oil is  to the point in a Russian bath-house.

There is also an Egyptian medallion called Kartush. It has a writting in Egyptian scriptures of the name of the person for whom the Kartush is made and can be bought in any Egyptian jewellery shop at a price of about 40 dollars.

There are statuettes made of a black stone.

The same about numerous imitations and fakes can be said  in regard to statuettes made of a black stone. To check its originality it is advised to spit on it. If paint peels down, then don't take/buy it. By the way, this paint is also harmful .

There is stamping.

You ought to stop by a calker's shop even if you are not going  to buy anything because you would enjoy it as  a museum. Stamping shops are only in Old Hurghada (Hurgada).

"Kaf Miriam" is the hand of Miriam. Invariable attribute of many shops are baskets with dried up bunches of herbs. This surprising plant under the name of "Kaf Miriam" that in  translation from Arabic means "Maria's hand" can become an unusual souvenir. At first sight it is  simplye dry herbs, but just put it in water for a couple of days, and it will revive, and small blue flowers will blossom. It is said that "Kaf Maryam" brings good luck in affairs.

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