What to bring as a gift from Greece

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Dishes of the Greek cuisine

For fans of the Mediterranean kitchen could be recommend to get in Greece every possible spices such as oregano that here is very fragrant and rosemary (dendrolivano), which is added almost in all meat and fish dishes. Tourists, who have tasted the Greek cuisine, are very fond of a seasoning, which is called tzadziki or tsatsiki  that is an appetizer, also used as a sauce. It is prepared from a Greek weighed out yoghurt, a cucumber, garlic and olive oil. Afterwards many people wish to continue to eat this seasoning and at home also. It very well accords with meat. It can be got in any supermarket in tight packing and it would be nice to present it as a gift for testing to friends and relatives. It is tasty and unusually also!
There are wide selection of Greek cheeses including traditional Feta (Turkish: Beyaz Peynir 'white cheese', ) is a brined curd cheese traditionally made in Greece with goat's and sheep milk. Feta is arguably the best-known Greek cheese abroad.

Halloumi cheese (the Cyprian cheese) is on sale in big supermarkets. It can be stored in a refrigerator at home about three months. When it is fried on a frying pan and served with some olives it is delicious. Cheeses are used as stand-alone appetizers, side dishes and snacks. 

There is honey and jam made of different kinds of fruits with nuts in very beautified jars. It is really very tasty and can be bought in a duty free.

There are olive oil and olives itself. In regard to the oil can be expressed a compliment that it is without comments; it is purest, most delicious oil for gourmands and also for people who are treated with its help. Well, and numerous grades of olives will match with any dining table. According mythology the goddess Athena has brought the Olive tree to Greeks as a gift and has trained them, as it should be grown up correctly. In the same myth it is said that the first sacred olive tree has been planted in Acropolis of Athens.
There is available olive oil of ordinary manufacture or with various spices. It is better to take the oil of firm "Minerva" in a tin jar containing 750 ml having excellent quality and suitable for a gift.

On Crete can be bought kind of fine rusks or toast cookies that are similar to Italian biscotti called paximadia (or paksimadia). These cookies are toasty, slightly sweet, and perfect for dunking in coffee and tea. And it can be added into salads as a salad dressing also.

Island Aegina (spelled also as Egina and Aigina) is the homeland of ground nutlets, i.e. the peanut or groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) where it can be got served as many different types. Its seeds are a rich source of edible oil (43-55%) and protein (25-28%).

The instant coffee NESCAFE strongly differs on taste from that is sold in Russia. 
A jar of excellent coffee Frappe (Cafe frappe) also would be to the point.
Bring the qualitative coffee into your home and unlock the rich flavours of the delicious coffee range.

 Fur products

It is really impossible and inexcusably to leave Greece without a fur coat
fur product (for example a fur coat) is better for buying in Kastoria. There is wide selection of items available at more low prices. It is possible even to find works having authorship. It can be recommend taking a look at products of shop "Elegant furs", which is located at 10 minutes of driving from Kastoria in area under the name "Petra" (address is the Area Petra, 52100 Kastoria, Greece). It is possible to call them on phone (a code of Greece + 6974643900); they speak Russian also. If it is necessary, products can be adjusted to a size in the shop. It is necessarily also to remember that in case some accompanying person proposing an assistance would follow you, then you will have to pay in any shop for 500 - 1300 euros more expensively than if you make a call and reach a shop yourself.
There are possibilities also to purchase others various fur products such as gloves, handbags, rugs etc.

Greek ceramics

Greek ceramics are represented in form of traditional art objects such as various vases, amphorae, plates etc. They are well done by Greek potters and then painted by artists. There are charming ceramic plates with pictures on Ancient Greekthemes. If someone decides to buy it, then can be advised checking up that drawing is performed manually. It costs a bit more expensively, but looks much more expensive.
Service complete sets with images on Ancient Greek themes can be bought in gift shops. Ceramics can be performed in Mycenaean, Archaic, Geometrical and Classical styles. Mycenaean craftsmen decorated their pottery with motifs inspired by nature. In ancient Greek ceramics early pre-Classical (Archaic style) featuring intricate geometric slip decoration. Classical style is represented by red and black figured Corinthian works and Athenian pottery and ceramic having a white background. There are different kinds of exposed ceramics of high and low prices. Artists paint not expensive things directly at factories. There are a few artists in Greece, which a right to do copies from museum pieces is granted. Those ceramics are done on ancient technology and painted by artists in museums. There is accuracy of the execution up to everyone small crack. This ceramics are expensive.


Souvenirs on a sea theme can be found in a market and in some booths.
There are various products made of cockleshells or figurines representing twelve gods.
Products made of colour glass (it is not the Murano, but there is some very beautiful things).

Leather products

There are leather products of manual manufacture; they are a bit rough, but it is possible to pick up good purses, bags and sandals that are very well for wearing.
In a common opinion it is considered that Turkey is the place where it is needed to buy a skin. But in regard to Greece can be mentioned market in Chania (Hania) where leather wares at least in 2-3 times are cheaper than the analogical on markets of Turkish resorts.

Wine and alcoholic beverages

The traditional Greek Anise Ouzo is distilled from pure alcohol and carefully selected aromatic herbs with the addition of anise seeds. It is available in gift bottles related to Greek themes.
There is an alcoholic beverage "Metaxa" (it is the Greek cognac or the fine brandy). Metaxa Ouzo is the classic Greek drink that symbolizes the spirit of Greek life. Distilled in Athens, the "birthplace of civilization," Ouzo is made from a precise combination of Tsipoura (pressed grapes) and select herbs and berries including aniseed, licorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel and hazelnut. Its unique recipe has been handed down through generations of master distillers at the House of Metaxa. 
The unique type of Metaxa, which is not on sale in one country of the world, is "Metaxa Private Reserve".
On the island of a volcanic origin Santorini grows grape of astonishingly great taste; therefore tourists who are going to visit this place are advised to get local wine.

Some exclusive Greek production

Chios Mastiha, starting from Chios island, the birthplace of the mastiha. Chios is the only island, where grows a tree having special resin that is being collected for manufacturing various cosmetics, chewing gum, adding into meals etc.
Saffron, which is grown in the district of city Kozani  in Macedonia. Mainly saffron goes for export and costs very expensively.
There is Greek Natural Handmade ecological soap (this direction is very actual as the ecology theme is topical in Greece).
On island Kalymnos it is possible to get unique wisps or pieces of bastes such are not presented anywhere in the world.

Jeweller ornaments

There are jeweller ornaments made of gold and silver in Ancient Greek and Byzantine style.

Products with laces and embroidery on a fabric

There are tablecloths with manual embroidery and a handwork lace.

Orthodox icons

Orthodox icons that are executed in the Byzantine style.

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