What to bring as a gift from Holland

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Clothes and accompanying accessories

Clompens (or Klompens) are the Dutch wooden clogs. In souvenir reincarnation they can be found also in form of soft slippers of all colouring. 
There are skates of the beginning of the XX-th century with a rusty edge, leather thongs and a wooden sole on which the typical winter landscape with a mill and skaters on a frozen lake is depicted (of course the drawing is modern and done to transform the old skates into a work of art, which is not a shameful for hanging up on a wall). It is available for 15 euros in an antiquarian small shop in Delft.
It is possible to buy here clothes made of hemp. This choice would be not only extravagant but also practical. It is difficult to wear out clothes that are made of hemp fabrics. It is not to be transformed, not torn and not rubbed through. Therefore for hemp suit to pay out $ 200-400 is reasonably. Take a look at products of shop Rudelaris hemp fashion on Haarlemstraat, 71; here everything from T-shirts to footwear is made of hemp and items are not the most expensive.

There are T-shirts with pencil drawing of known pictures, which can be painted by someone using special coloured dye for decorating.
For fans of football something of Ajax (T-shirts, scarves etc) can be brought.

Ceramic and porcelain products

Ceramic figures that are hung up on flowerpots. It can be bought in Blokker and similar shops.

There is authentic Delft porcelain known also as the Delftware. The real Delft pottery can be distinguished by a little sign, that is small drawn pot, which is crossed by the letter "J", and a word "Delft" is written through "D", as turned "C".
small ceramic mill would be also a remarkable gift.

Works of art and antiques

Watercolours with landscapes of Amsterdam and vicinities can be purchased on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. It cost from 10-20 euros. 
Fans of antiquarian shops can find a lot of interesting in the street opposite to Rijksmuseum (English: State Museum is a Dutch national museum in Amsterdam, located on the Museumplein) called Nieuwe Spiegelstraat.
It is possible to listen to a concert of classical music in Concertgebau (there is a free lunch-concert on Wednesdays afternoon).

Chocolate, sweets and confectionery products

In shops of chocolate Leonidas beautiful tin boxes in the form of typical Dutch houses there are on sale. It is possible to fill up them with chocolates there or to buy empty (3.95 euros) and it can be filled then according with own wishes.
In V&D in big branches with the confectionery goods only can be bought figured chocolate in a form of Clompens (Klompens) that are traditional Dutch wooden shoes.
There is a bakery in Gouda near to a town hall called “Koffiehuis Van den Berg” and there are available souvenirs under the convenient prices and fresh stroopwafers. The address is Lange Groenendaal 32, 2801LT Gouda, Nederland (Zuid-Holland).

It would be nice to offer coffee caramel "Drops" to friends and own folks also.

Alcoholic beverages and accompanying accessories

There are accessories from the museum of Heineken (the most bought mark of beer in the world). 

Beer Heineken and Grolsch that are international premium golden drinks of Dutch origin in gift sets would be a right presentation to experts of the beverage.


There are rolling tobacco “Amsterdamer” also.

Foodstuff and cutleries

There can be bought sets of cheeses and a special knife for cheese cutting.
It would be lovely to enjoy of cheese with caraway seeds, cheeses “Gouda” or "Edam" in special souvenir sets.
There are in cheese shops available cheeses on any "taste and colour" packed into a vacuum wrapping (it is necessary to request a seller to pack it by using special equipment that cheese has not deteriorated during transportation). And as addition to it would be pleasantly to buy the Dutch tastiest cheese mustard (having slightly sweet taste and with kernels). And also could be proposed to purchase different kinds of belongings such as cutleries for cheese and cutting boards with Dutch motifs.
It is can be recommended to taste fish, i.e. the Dutch herring that is pronounced as “maatjesharing” or simply “haring” in Dutch and a smoked eel (gerookte paling).
But it is also advised that buying a salty herring (not a brine-packed, but by the weight) is not needed because its taste changes already after few hours, so that taste of the herring brought as a gift has nothing similar with the original.

Jewellery and gemstones

For purchasing valuables go to hereditary jewellers who hold a shop Amstel Diamond Limited at an own family workshop or to their competitors from private lapidary Gassan Diamonds, which sell brilliants on wholesale prices by handful. It is possible to order from them also to mount a pleasing stone into a frame and the setting will be made at your eyes for 30 minutes.
And there is an advice that for brilliants it is better to go to Antwerp (Dutch: Antwerpen) is the northernmost province both of the Flemish Region, also called Flanders, and of Belgium. 

Toys and figures that are made of wood and metal

If someone wishes to bring a gift for a child it would be reasonably to take a look at a shop of strange toys on Prinsengracht, 204 known as Space Oddity. But a modern offspring may not understand you coming back with a wooden horse.
Painted dolls are on sale by Dutchmen with a pleasure to tourists.
Wooden tulips and metal figures such as bicycles and kissing couples can become a cool souvenir hung up on a country house.

Bulbs of tulips

Bulbs of tulips and amaryllises can be bought in any large supermarket.
But it is better not to buy bulbs of tulips in the spring because they are of a last year.

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