What to bring as a gift from Hungary

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Wares of folk trades

Blouses, washings and linen with Kalocsa and Matyo embroidery.
Black ceramics from Nadudvar that are traditional pottery of the typical ancient local ceramic-ware.
There are lovely jugs-mugs with a secret ("Miska kancso"). 
It would be nice to enjoy of offering a large selection of Hungarian art pottery such as production of original Zsolnay and Hollohaza porcelain that are fine quality hand painted wares of folk trade.
tablecloth with sewn pockets in form of cups in which there are folded up napkins would be a charming gift.
Certainly those large things are expensive. A tablecloth that having size such as 1 on 1,5 meter is cost 150-200 dollars. Waistcoats with classic floral motifs are available on 7000 forints, i.e. 35$. A shirt with smooth surface embroidery white on white is cost from 3000, that is less then 500 roubles. At the central market of Budapest a choice is enormous. There are classic things available also (black waistcoats with bright and pied colours). More modern variants can be found also such as those floral motifs, but in a gamut of orange-brown tones. There are even white with black embroidery pieces of clothes. Also can be purchased kind of Gzhel stile's colouring items with blue embroidery of different tints et cetera. It would be nice to enjoy of scarlet, maroon, darkly green, light brown waistcoats, clothes made of a linen fabric and others like that.

Traditional Hungarian flasks decorated with a wattled skin, fur and embroidery look amazing. 
Souvenir wattled whips, flexible sticks, switches and similar to that attributes can be brought from the Hungary also.
Do not buy expensive things in Budapest because basically it can be fakes as it is exact as well as in Russia, to buy any work of art it is necessary to know where it can be found in the original.

Wine and alcoholic beverages

Brandy "Palinka" (having 40 %, sometimes 53 %) is a fragrant moonshine prepared practically from any kinds of fruits. But it is considered that the most delicious Palinka that is made from apricots and prunes.
"Unicum" is the Hungarian herbal bitter balm that is made of 40 grasses under a recipe stored in deep secret. 
Liqueurs "Hubertus" and "Mecseki" can be found in shops offering alcoholic drinks.

The most known in the world mark of Hungarian wines is "Tokaji" / "Tokay" (the most valuable grade is "Aszu").
If it were a question about not so expensive gifts then really bottle of a good wine or the "Unicum" just would be right. And for a collective table "Szatmari Szilva" that is a bit expensive, but interesting "expedition" of 60 % distilling from different grades of plums of 3-5 years sustained in a current is advisable.

At the market

Copula of peppers from Hungary can be kept as a reminder of the journey. As a variety of this souvenir can be offered copula of onions or garlic, but thus is not at all for protecting from vampires. Such bright remarkable ethnic detail will blend well with timbered-flaxen pseudo folk interior of an out-of-town house and in facilities of city khay-tek kitchen will looks to the point also.
The paprika is "specifying" that need to be brought from Budapest as a gift to friends and relatives. There is marinade apple paprika on sale directly from barrels. It can have greatly burning and sweet taste. 
There are products from different grades of honey such as separately from an acacia, a linden, wild flowers, a mountain ash etc.
Salami also would be a suitable foodstuff.

National Hungarian dishes

It can be advised to taste national Hungarian dishes.
There is a goulash soup (is cooked from beef meat, a potato, carrots, spices).
Halasle soup (from winter kinds of fishes, for example a carp, filled with a hot red pepper) is also very tasty.
There is delicious Гђaprikash krumpli (a hot red pepper, a potato, the Hungarian sausage).
And desserts such as shomloi galushka, gundelj palachinta (fritters) also would be nice to taste.

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