What to bring as a gift from New Zealand

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Even the most organised journey is interfaced with hard to manage great number taking important decisions: what to take along with ourselves, how to get dressed, which amount of money assets will have to be expended for ourselves and, of course, - how many to spend for gifts. 
My advice is: do not take many things for a trip. In Zealand you will get dressed practically and simply. And regardless of a season take with yourself pair of jeans (it will be put on often), sporting pantaloons or comfortable summer skirts, few T-shirts to change them every day, swimming suit (if not for the sea, then for a pool).
Putting on of evening dresses most probably will not take place. High heels will exhaust feet, because you will roam on bars quite enough. And for evening bars would be suitable a small fashionable opened dress or the same jeans with a stylish T-shirt.
Well, and if you dream to visit the well-known Art Deco festival, that passes annually, you may hire required things.

Thus, you have a lot of place for PURCHASES!
And you will not find by surprise restriction of weight.


There is a windproof velour jacket that costs 167 New Zealand dollars; in recalculation on roubles it is about 2,5 thousand.  
And here is a down-padded coat for children or grandsons of the rate 68 dollars - or 1,200 roubles. It is very warm, possesses high quality and, probably, will be in the single piece of clothes among similar garments at your child. 
Suede knee-boots made of sheepskin are well known to everyone. It is suitable and for youth, and men and women. By the way, celebrities of Hollywood made these boots famous. You will find various models of similar knee-boots and boots and even slippers for all ages. There are different prices, but those of good value will cost approximately 125-150 New Zealand dollars.
It can be put on for a street walk, tucking in jeans, with a short suede skirt or simply at home, on a summer residence during a cold season as well. Those boots possess long lasting wearing qualities and easy for washing.
By the way, it is NEEDED to purchase insoles made of sheepskin for such lovely knee-boots, also for children and husband. It greatly improves its warmness!!! 
Wares made from wool of sheep, for example fur slippers or insoles are wonderful products in every respect. 
Tie can be purchased for men an inexpensive suitable. It looks well and can be offered to many guys, for example to own husband or chief, or a colleague as well; it costs approximately 32 dollars. 
In New Zealand live and work designers of clothes with the world name such as Sonya Smith, Karen Walker and Kate Sylvester.

Gifts for children

You will find them in abundance - from winter garments, summer dresses to toys.

Products made from wool of possum

There are commodities made of high-quality wool and woollen wares with addition to those items wool of possum -woollen clothes, fur carpets and pillows. Possum - it is a marsupial that looks like a monkey. They got name "possum" for the similarity with American opossums.
It is necessarily to pay regard to goods made of the possum. Wares are very practical, which can be washed and dried up perfectly. And hide of the possum in 50 times is stronger then a cow's!
There is one important remark! You may certainly plan to buy gifts such as purchases for the winter in Zealand - from gloves to cardigans, sweaters and jackets. You definitely will purchase knitted warmest hats and scarves and even collars made of possum for an own winter overcoat! Even a muff can be got too!
But you will not find hats of the good value made of fur under "Russian" standards (!)
There is an opinion that products with addition wool of possum often are made in China, and look sometimes, as goods of low rate and improper quality, therefore precisely such items are not desirable to present. There are various funny souvenirs from the possum. For example - nipple warmers. Probably products made of sheep wool, for example fur slippers or insoles would be the best choice.
Actually wares made from fur of possum or wool of merino possessing very good value there are as well, on condition that they are produced in New Zealand, but naturally they cost quite expensive. Sweaters, ponchos, scarves, gloves made of possum's fur with addition wool of merino can become a good gift for friends and own folks. On a way to Russia and other snow countries it is lovely to carry as a gift warm and qualitative things.

Wine and alcoholic beverages

Wines in New Zealand are very good.
New Zealand is famous for wines Pinot Noir from Central Otago and Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough
It would be desirable to add that famous wines from NZ - it is white wines from vineyards of southern island. It is always possible to take a tasting tour and choose that wine, which is more pleasant to personal preference among all.
Vodka 42 Below is very good, especially with feijoa, or with kiwi, or with other fruit tastes.


The fruit kiwi has become known by this name in 1906, when it has got into the European market. Its scientific name is Chinese Actinidia. By efforts of selectors the actinidia has been planted in New Zealand. When it was begun exported, a brand "kiwi" was proposed, because the bird kiwi is symbolical character of the country. New Zealanders name the actinidia as Chinese gooseberry.
It would be lovely to offer yellow kiwis - because in Russia only green kiwis have been sold.
Kiwi Fruit Chocolates are kind of milk chocolate / chocolate candies with filling of fruit kiwi.
There are olive and avocado oils as well.


Manuka Honey is used everywhere for smoking of various meal and for cosmetic production also.
The Manuka honey, except for an original strong aroma, possesses unique healthful curative properties.
Honey Manuka (with activity +20), which except for afore-mentioned in the site, also possesses strong antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-virus properties. It officially has been applied in hospitals (for example, at treatment of hard healing ulcers on a skin, which are directly covered by this honey). At the use inwardly it is not recommended to mix it with a hot tea, it is better to take the warm drink as the temperature can influence on active properties of honey.
Pohutukawa Honey has whitish colour and thick consistence. The tree Pohutukawa in New Zealand is named the Christmas tree, because it blossoms on Christmas. The honey is done from flowers of this tree.

Cosmetic facilities for skin and body care

I would like to advise to try New Zealand creams.
Packing does not look as at expensive fashionable creams therefore are inexpensive. But are exceptionally useful!
Because those creams about which I talk even are not creams itself, but miracle wonder-working jars with pure lanolin, placenta, honey and oil of tea tree. 
For example, there is a cream of glorified "Manuka" honey. 
$16 (100gr)

Creams of ALOE are NECESSARY to be had for the care of body. Especially if you are going to take sunbathe and will become tanned!
Aloe Vera helps to keep your skin supple and smooth. Aloe, a natural moisturizer, protects the skin from harsh effects of the sun and environment. 
PURCHASE sunscreen creams protecting from solar rays exactly in Zealand!
Because many developments and workings out in the field of protection and treatment of a skin damaged by excessive stay on the sunshine are carried out exactly here. And, whether trust, from cold burns also. 
I advise to pay regard to OILS for BODY!
With all the heart I advise that tried also myself and I know positive responses of women, which take care of themselves very much.
Personally I am enamoured with palm, coconut oils and others... 
$18 - oil of the tea tree - is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, quickly healing agent.
Can be used during a trip or bought for relatives, familiars, acquaintances, to all who has problems with the skin. They will be grateful that you have recollected their problem, have taken care of them. And it is inexpensive for you, and to the person is important to try new remedy to cure illness of the skin. And if it pleasant, then a website address where they, probably, in a consequence will want to make required order, can be displayed.  
Propolis oil is an anti-inflammatory agent for the throat, also useful at fungus diseases of skin.
Cocoa seed butter, Calendula, Manuka honey - this generous combination will help to facilitate or cure ECZEMA. It removes flaking. And very improves a dry skin!
Lanolin - is the fat nearest to human on its structure!
It quickly sucked in and creates a barrier, protecting the skin from damage, drying out.
Lanolin - is the natural butter that especially extended from wool of sheep. It is necessary to say that fields in Zealand are considered as one of the cleanest in the world. 

There are cosmetic products with mineral dirt, salts, lanolin, kiwi and seaweeds. NZ is very fond of pure ecology and in everything that is made in NZ there is not a gram of chemistry or fakes.
Possibly, you know that your relatives have problems with hair, dyssebacia (seborrheic dermatitis, i.e. seborrhea) and psoriasis. There is possibility to buy a shampoo for Zealand $15.00 that even can be used for body! It does not irritate a skin. Because it is intended for the skin of head, damaged by psoriasis (it contains extract of Green tea, camomile, oils of Rosemary seeds, Apricot, Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis plant) oil.

Soap of manual production

And now about a special gift that can be bought for ALL! It can be offered to relatives, girl friends, neighbours, colleagues et cetera. And you will never make a mistake! 
I talk about SOAP of hand production. 
It is pride of Zealand. They even organize tours by busses and show gardens, where herbs are specially planted, minerals, which extracted from a sea and added to soap, are demonstrated as well (by the way, they dye soap in the great number of colours).
A big circle of soap can be purchased too - it is round as cheese and you may cut for all others as a gift. Then it is necessary to buy an ornamental gift paper and beautiful packing. It can be found in variety everywhere.

But if there is time and desire, stand at shelves with soap, "enter" into its aroma and meditate - for WHOM of your acquaintances it could "match".
And you will spend time with a benefit and will enrich own experience of perfumer.
If soap is got not by weight, then usual bar is approximately 110 gram.

Zealand is engaged in making of such soap many years. They are very much proud of it! 
A magic aroma will be spread from a body and it is not necessary to use in addition some cream for body after washing or a deodorant.
You and your girlfriends will be fragrant as sweet-scented flowers!:-)
Soap does not soften, does not lose its shape. It's got many useful minerals.
It is accordingly named: "The finest soaps on the planet".
There are not any synthetic supplements in it.
It contains useful exotic oils as well.
Well, and for friends falling in love with home foster-creatures you can purchase as gift soap for dogs or cats.
Eucalyptus and other oils help to cure eczema, itching and improve fur. And, the main thing, - protect from various insects during taking a walk in public places. I think your friend will be very pleasant that IT was thought especially, instead of simply having palm off  "something" on arrival from a foreign country. 

Articles of folk creativity of Maori

Maori (local residents of New Zealand) have been done different hand-made articles of natural materials - ornamented wooden masks, decorations made from coloured cockleshells.
The young nation has nothing especially to boast, except for Maori carvings - wood, bone, shells and nephrite (reverent by them as sacred).
There are wooden products, especially made of Kauri (genus Agathis), for example, a wall clock. 
Wares made of glass and wood done by New Zealand designers would become a remarkable presentation. Examples can be looked on reference www.koru-hk.com. Although as a souvenir it can be expensive and a heavy on weight gift.
There are also products made from a Green stone. Local population (Maori) believe that this stone should be only presented if you wish to a person being live on the New Zealand Earth. I.e. a stone always aspires towards its motherland and a person who wears this stone, definitely will arrive to New Zealand. Such popular belief here is and it works out.
Different national characters used those weapons, which the best of all were suitable to their way of life. The tribe of Maori mainly used small arms such as arrow like weapons: bows and wind tubes. To hold by one's hands the same bow and arrows, which were used for a hunt by men of Maori - it is likewise that to touch ancient history, to feel self as a warrior of remote, amazing tribe.
However, there is an opinion that it is erroneous to attribute them usage of wind tubes and bows with arrows. Some special sharpened and decorated weighty sticks and short flat bludgeons (frequently cut out from a whale bone to split skulls of opponents more effectively) were applied for a fight. And for hunting bone fishing hooks and spears were sufficient (until have not gobbled up all three-metre ostriches, but here in time have appeared Englishmen and have helped to shoot down the last one). 

Items with symbolic of Maori

Symbolic of Maori is very beautiful. Therefore wooden Totem pendants can be inexpensively bought as a fine souvenir. They are a success at youth as well.
At a desire, look for "small" souvenirs. They are beautiful and practical. For example, clips for money with national symbolic of Maori and other people of the Pacific Ocean region, on silvery metals, which are not precious, but very durable and qualitative. Those items, you may believe - will not rust and will not lose shine in course of time. Will look elegantly both in a female hand and in a man's pocket :-) 
Local recognised symbolism of Silver Fern is very popular. It is printed on cards, clothes and so on.
Kitchen towels with the New Zealand themes (from 5 dollars) or a set with exotic fruit can be found for example to favourite neighbour or to a girl friend which likes to cook.


The main souvenirs from New Zealand, as a nested doll from Russia, certainly, are figurines of bird kiwi. 
In gift shops or galleries relatively inexpensively can be got canvases with local landscapes. They amaze with bright paints.
The main things here are natural beauties. Therefore a calendar with sights of mountains, oceans, waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers is an excellent souvenir. 
There are in shops available remarkable colourful books, therefore books and disks about NZ can be also offered, because in Russia such items are not on sale.
Unusual photos are souvenirs for memory too. For example, it can be a jump from Sky Tower or visit to a Maori concert. 
Harakeke (flax) - is a local plant, occupies vast place in the culture of Maori. Various figures have been wattled of it. It is not a long lasting souvenir, but very interesting, especially, if you make it with own hands.
Also can be presented something with symbolic of All Blacks (the rugby football command), in fact - it is pride of New Zealanders. Their symbolic is on sportswear, mugs, balls for game in rugby etc.
There is an opinion that "Kiwi" worships to two gods - Rugby and Beer. A ball for rugby, even maybe fortunately signed by somebody of players, can be brought as a gift. 

Decoration made of sea-gifts

Europeans named New Zealand paua - "Marine ear". On a sea-bottom they are recognised by almost correct round shape. Black lumps measuring with a boxing glove are clung to reeves among water-plants, and it can be torn off only having pushed under mollusc's  "sole" a special knife.
Nothing portends enchanting spectacle of colours... But when a master by means of a file and emery paper carefully removes the coating, a dim rainbow of mother of pearl is discovered. Then the rainbow is developed to maximal shine and brilliance by polishing on a machine tool and manually by a flannel piece. Then paua - shining outside and from within - gets to a jeweller and he finds an effective showy foreshortening at which iridescent colours play with all gamut, reflecting rays of light.
Paua, Haliotis iris is endemic of New Zealand, on the coast of the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans widespread only its less beautiful relatives. Maori - are ancient reapers of  "sea harvest", collected molluscs paua for a meal. And beauties-shells were a by-product, though since olden times were used in jewellery. 
These days in New Zealand PAUA can be bought inexpensively ($12 NZ) and accordingly, decorations made of it - bangles, pendants, small boxes et cetera. 
Wares made from paua are irreplaceable as souvenir production - it looks very beautifully and is quite accessible at price.
There are design works of New Zealand jewellers, which use glass and paua.
Blue semi flat pearls, which have been grown up in pearl-blue cockleshells attract a look. 
There are also jeweller decorations made from abalone shells and jadeite.
Various types of cockleshells or minerals can be found across a coast.

As and where to take rest and have a fun

I live on Cook Islands - 3.5 hours of flight from New Zealand, I visit NZ 4-5 times at year. Cook Islands - is a tropical paradise. Here are not so much Russian tourists, but we hope that will be more. Tourists visiting New Zealand can easily add a few days ashore ocean - we have a visa-free entrance (for 30 days). If it is interesting to you - my e-mail istats@perfumes.co.ck (Tatyana Bern).
We live in Auckland on the northern island of New Zealand. "Aotearoa" is Maori name of this country that means "earth of white clouds". Aotearoa has saved the natural uniqueness. While going out ashore you feel all power of surf, beauty of the nature, which has been not touched by a human. In Auckland there are many beaches on any taste. On every coast can be found different types of cockleshells or minerals polished by the sea - isn't it a souvenir ?!
There is also a possibility to learn how to dance "haka".

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