What to bring as a gift from Norway

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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Decorations and articles of folk art related to Vikings.

Norway that is known as the country of Vikings possesses abundant cultural heritage of those times. Therefore figurines of Vikings, silver and wooden models of ship vessels – galleys, goblets, cups, dishes and another articles of tableware can be brought as a gift. And also there are available ladies ornaments (such as pendants and brooches) with national drawings or other symbols, which are made of Norwegian silver, covered by decorative patterns with images of water and overland battles of Vikings.

Scandinavian decorations made of silver and metal are done under sketches of ancient ornaments of Vikings.

There are elements of Bunad (also spelled as bunader) that is national Norwegian suit, which uses increasing popularity last years, - silver brooches (as their design is special).

Hats of Vikings and another similar items with this theme would become a remarkable presentation. But it is expensive, not less then 300-500 crones and above.


Tourists bring from Norway figures of trolls, which have been sold exactly as stated everywhere, more frequently than all. It is necessary to perform a brief procedure to choose a figure. You should recollect a person to whom you wish to present a troll and then to peer into faces on shelves and the Troll will wink at you, it will be mean that it is exactly what you searched.
It is needed that trolls should be given in a pair. There is such popular belief that a troll is sad in loneliness.

Norwegian runes for divinations and inscriptions (to ladies) are a unique gift too.
If you wish to bring something "Norwegian that is unlike anything else", but are not ready to part with last money, then purchase a set of office paper clips, as in fact they were invented exactly in Norway.

Candles - Norwegians very fond of candles, they make them in various forms and kinds, plus very inimitable original candlesticks have been offered as well. Prices are from 10 crones and above.

There are wonderful magnets on a refrigerator.

In general gifts can be bought inexpensively in Fretex. Fretex - it is a network of retail shops of Salvation Army, in which people hand over not required for them, but still good things. It is something of type the English Charity.

Before a journey it is advisable to have a look at sites of some shops, which offer commodities a bit cheaper than others. Certainly, there is specified not complete range of goods, but getting of some introduction is possible:
www.JYSK.no - all for a house, souvenirs.
www.sparkjop.no - all for a house, for children, clothes, linen, underwear. More often those shops are located in a suburb and countryside. Goods there are can be bought at very low rate and still discounts are frequently offered.
www.nille.no - there is wide selection of house utensils. Souvenirs. Toys. Items cost very cheaply! But in regard to quality can be mentioned that it is average. It is always located in shopping centres.

At purchase of souvenirs pay attention on “made in....” since can be observed a "Norwegian" souvenir made, for example, in China.

Goods for children

For those who expect a child or for relatives expecting children it is advisable to buy in Cubus or H&M a body and pantiesmade from natural wool - thin and warm. A child does not sweat and feels comfortably – it is a good gift indeed.

Sleeping envelopes for children (from 0 till 3 years) on duck down feather are typical for a cold climate. It costs from 1300 crones or on sheepskin from 1900 crones.

There is possibility to buy from 300 crones a very soft hide of sheep, lay it down into a baby carriage and walks on a frost will be save and pleasant, in addition to mentioned above it looks beautiful and decorative.

Or in special shops offering kid’s toys can be bought unusual remarkable wooden toys possessing very bright colours. One of such shops is located not so far from Fleyen – it is really a treasure of interesting souvenirs for children as well as for adults.

For girls it is possible to purchase a doll, dressed up in the national Norwegian clothes (Norwegians have various suits, and not only at every region but also at every tribe, family colours and drawings are different).

Norwegian elks (soft toys) dressed in Norwegian sweaters can be bought as well.

There are horned helmets and swords for children.

Tackles for fans of fishing

There can be got fishing rods – it is expensive, but quality is very good.

To fans of fishing can be advised to purchase special hats of fishermen. They are bright, rubberised and with wide brims. They protect from a rain and are very picturesque. Even the queen puts on such hat (probably for the maintenance of traditions) during a bad weather, in walking tours or at visits of provinces under the rain.
Such hat can become one of the best souvenirs.

Sport goods

Let’s talk not about simple, easily done souvenirs, which may be interesting now and then for someone during first five minutes. We will rely on some experience of offering gifts to friends in Russia, on preferences of friends visited Norway and simply on common sense.
Norwegians are keen on sport; therefore here is a wide selection of qualitative things in sporting shops. From thinnest woollen vests and leggings (from 450 crones) to not blown windproof stylish qualitative jackets from 3000 crones. Prices are high, but it is Norway.

Sporting clothes and garments for a tour, as it is accepted to consider, are one of the best, but cost very expensive.

Baseball caps with embroideries of Norwegian flags, deer, elks, fishing attributes and so on are very popular among male population.

sport shirt with the flag of Norway can be presented too.


A garment of Norwegian knitted fabric can become the best gift, however the cost of one original Norwegian sweater can reach up to 1500 crones ($200).

Knitted woollen sweaters can be for sale from 800-2500 crones indeed.

Ladies jumpers can possess not only excellent quality, but also be very modern. Such clothing is never out of fashion and has been passed on an inheritance.

Norwegian jerseys, scarves and mittens always go on hurrah at Russian severe winters.

There are lady's wear done from felt wool of an extra fashionable design and fantastic colourings. It costs very expensively, but the price matches to its value.

For men can be offered very thick, warm Norwegian socks and as a pair Norwegian clogs. They wear it in the winter as well as at summer, but for us it would be a real exotic!

And there is one more useful thing that practically is not known out of Norway. So-called Brodder (available in shoe shops or among commodities for a house) are removable overlays on footwear with spikes for winter outings, when sidewalks are turned into solid endless ice. Here isn’t to get by without it – as there is a mountainous landscape in Norway. In Russia they will be useful too.
Its cost is from 70 to 200 crones.

Textile products

Textiles can be looked in shops Princess and KID – tablecloths, serviettes and related soft goods. Those items on any taste there are in abundance, which will make glad for a long time and remind about a trip.

There are many skilful women in Norway. They sew such beautiful things. Fine fabrics – are an open space for imagination. From Norway can be brought any kind of  "patchwork trifles" (serviettes, kitchen container-holders etc).

There are eiderdowns – good blankets made from fluff cost from 850 crones. As here are a lot of people allergic to it, therefore goods undergone a special processing are also offered, that it can be used by such category of people as well. A guarantee is 10 years.

Gifts for skilled needlewomen

Norwegian yarn is an excellent gift and usually recipients of such presents would like to get even more. A hank is 50 grams, and 10 hanks in shops "Nille" will be charged as 120-140 crones (approximately 500 roubles).

For needlewomen it is needed to bring bodyworks for threads and others, which are painted by Norwegian folk decorative patterns.

Christmas gifts

Beautiful Christmas tableware (Porsgrunn porcelain) and Christmas souvenirs are wonderful gifts.

Before Christmas on counters of many shops, and especially souvenir outlets, come in sight amazing plates, cups and fur-tree toys with an image of gnome feeding a horse in a stable or spying upon the people decorating the fur-tree (totally 12 versions). The drawing is done in classical Norwegian style and traditional Norwegian decorative patterns, reminding by something famous Gorodets painting, represent edging of items.

A triangular electric candlestick for Christmas Adventsljusstake (the triangles are called Adventsljustakar or Advent candlesticks) of rate 50 crones (250 roubles) is a charming present too.

Typically Scandinavian dish with some variants in Sweden and Norway is pressed pork with spices (carnation and another enriched with unique flavours seasonings). It can be bought before Christmas, i.e. since November. It is named "Sylte" or "Julesylte", i.e. "Christmas".

If you are going for Christmas then traditional lollipops with anise, althaea and so on can be purchased. And in addition to it would be lovely to get Pepperkaka (alternative spellings are: pepperkakor, pepparkakor, pepparkaka) - are as our Russian baked figurines known by the name Kozuly, only thin and painted, from them here have been done kind of gingerbread small houses for children at Christmas.

Natural facilities for health in pharmacies

Who is interested in natural remedies for health advised to come into shops of retail network “Helsekost” that is type of shops-drugstores "Health" (spelled on Russian language as “Zdorovye”). There are represented both vitamins and minerals, and much other, on what you can rely in regard to quality.

If you arrive in November, then it is needed to have a look at pharmacies while searching of gifts. There is wide choice of small pleasant delicious or useful jars with saffron, fried almond, anise, mustard, cinnamon and spices for meat (from 50 crones), which are excellent souvenirs.


There are smoked fish such as kipper et cetera.

Among foodstuff it is needed to pay regard to fish. In any shop can be purchased smoked trout in vacuum packing, but there is an opinion that herring is not advisable.

If you have decided to get a smoked salmon, then can be advised to buy that which has grown itself in the sea instead of on a farm... The Natural Atlantic salmon is surprisingly tasty and does not contain various antibiotics, which are usually given to the salmon in a farm... But its cost is more expensive in a minimum two times...
It is quite difficult to distinguish the salmon grown in a farm from Atlantic one, the only thing that can be seen, so it that the salmon from a farm contains more fats (it floats in the limited space) and more friable on a consistence. It differs in the price also. But usually information about the salmon can be got at the seller. At a literal translation the name "a wild salmon" is used.

Certainly, it is necessary to pay attention to grocery stores. And here would be probably most interesting to buy a salmon of special preparation that is softer than smoked one. It is called "Gravet Laks" and has been sold in vacuum packing. Gravlax or gravad lax (Swedish), gravad laks (Danish), gravlaks (Norwegian, Danish), graavilohi (Finnish), graflax (Icelandic) is a Scandinavian dish consisting of raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill. Gravlax is usually served as an appetizer. Prices are most different as the salmon can be wild or grown, but both are tasty.

Klippfisk (salt cod) is used in preparation Spanish – Italian - Portuguese dish “Bacalhau” (also spelled as “bakalao”, “bacalao”).

In the north of Norway fishery and production of traditional dried cods, which are eaten as dried vobla in Russia, (also spelled as wobla, is a Russian word for Caspian roach, i.e. Rutilus rutilus caspicus), are developed. At purchase of these foodstuffs can be advised to buy there where the cods had been dried under a roof, in winter on the frost (quality is much better)!!! Roots of the tradition of drying of cod can be traced from times of Vikings, due to it Vikings could cross such extensive distances, in fact the dried cod consists mainly of a protein (a small piece is enough to vitalize an organism with energy) and because of low contents of fats can be stored by years... It is very popular among sportsmen (kind of
original natural stimulant), rock-climbers (does not take a lot of place in a backpack and it is sufficient for many days of trip) and local population (natural "viagra", i.e. Sildenafil citrate).
Cod that had been dried under the opened sky has rather grey colour (as precipitations wash away colour, taste...), on the contrary, at dried under a roof - colour and drawing of skin of fish is looked through. In general that is also difficult enough; therefore it is better to take an interest at a salesman. Most probably there isn’t any information in regard to it on a label. There is one more method of production of the dried cod - drying in ventilating tunnels (mainly in Iceland). This method is not traditional for Norway and the product has absolutely other taste.

Caviar of cod in tubes is for sale in supermarkets, it costs about three Euros. It can be kept for a few weeks. It is very delicious and packing is very convenient.

Crab "Kamchatka" is advised for tasting!!! But not cooked and frozen from the store packing, but served at local restaurants.

Others foodstuff

Meat foodstuff made from venison, or other similar "wild" meat, such as sausage, cutting and ham would be an exclusive snack - since for us it is a rarity.

Pressed pork with spices (carnation and another strong-tasting seeds, roots etc, used as flavouring) is typically Scandinavian dish with some variants in Sweden and Norway. Usually it can be bought before Christmas, i.e. since November. It is called "Sylte" or "Julesylte", i.e. "Christmas".

Brunost is a brown Norwegian whey cheese would be a nice offering for its fans as such dish, probably, couldn’t be tasted anywhere else. The Norwegian name Brunost means -  “brown cheese”. So-called brown cheese that is often spoken about as typically Norwegian, can be both cow’s and goat’s so, look at a picture on a wrapper. Otherwise to those who do not fond of the goat’s cheese, its smell may not be pleasant. Fat free is not advisable for taking, as it is, according some opinion, not so delicious. Two most popular varieties in Norway are Gudbrandsdalsost, which means “cheese from the udbrandsdal”, from the Gudbrands valley (made from 24 % goat's milk and cow's milk), and the more traditional version Geitost, which simply means “goat cheese”, and which is wholly or in part made from goat's milk. Brown cheese made from goat milk especially is done on cream. But its flavour is on a personal liking and getting used to its taste is needed. Goat’s cheese is similar somehow to boiled condensed milk, but not such sweet, therefore it is on a fan. It matches well with a jam also. 400 grams in packing costs approximately 30-40 crones (i.e. 130 roubles).
There are also regional varieties, which vary both in colour and taste, depending on how much caramel they contain. Geitost has a strong, sweet, yet somewhat sharp flavour with notes of caramel and goat's milk, while Gudbrandsdalsost is similar but mellower in taste.

Among foodstuffs it is reasonable to purchase typical Norwegian thin bread. It is for sale in boxes and represented as thinnest slices of crisp bread. It have been served to a dining table and simply eaten with cheese, pate, sausage and so on as well. It is baked from coarse flour.

Lakris are bitter-salty sweets though on sale available with different tastes, but it is on a personal liking. At first – have a tasting of it... Well, then you may decide whether it would be pleasant to someone among your friends. It can be offered at least as a kind of joke, but maybe somebody would like it. Tastes differ and about it does not argue.

Chocolate can be brought as a gift too. Although Russian is considered  tasty, but some relatives and friends might be very fond of Norwegian chocolate! Somebody is pleasant with milk chocolate; others prefer the dark one. It is possible to purchase it in boxes - there are both dark and milk one-pack. Who did not tasted it yet – have a bite, then you
most probably will accede to this opinion!

Alcoholic beverages

Good Akvavit (aquavit, akevit are variations of the name of the same drink) is such Norwegian strong drink (Linie) that can be referred to the category of very suitable gifts. It is traditionally flavoured with anise, fennel, coriander, caraway and another herbs and to be consumed cooled, directly from a freezer.

Cognac Braastad that is produced in France by Norwegian (expensive, as all alcohol) can be offered as well. It is a range of product from the cognac House Tiffon. The name Braastad was introduced when Sverre Braastad (1879 – 1979) from Gjovik, Norway married the daughter of cognac producer Tiffon, Edith Rousseau, in 1913, and took over Tiffon, founded by Mederic Rousseau in 1875. The home of Braastad and Tiffon is Chateau de Triac. It is situated in the cru Petite Champagne in the cognac area in France.

There is also liquor distilled from cloudberries (cloud-berry is one of symbolical characters of Norway, if more precisely - northern Norway).

Kitchen accessories and concomitant goods

As an exclusive kitchen accessory can be mentioned a kind of shovel for cheese cutting because it is Norwegian item indeed. Norwegians apply for the invention of the knife for cheese that looks as a shovel with longitudinal aperture for cutting of thin slices. They are for sale in any form beginning from 50 crones (200 roubles) for ordinary kitchen piece and up to 150 crones (600 roubles) for silver one with an engraving.

In general there is wide selection of knives of local manufacture.
Knives made of antlers and high-quality steel with an engraving and without it available as well.

There are lovely wooden hand-made articles - from a knife for butter to a marching flask under the well-known vodka. Its rate is from 25 crones and above.

Probably, in every Norwegian house there are wooden dish, candlestick, bread bin and so on, painted with roses on claret, dark green background.

waffle iron for thick wafers is charming gift too.

Mugs with photos of some Norwegian photographer, especially with the images of cloudberries or elks are worthwhile souvenirs.

In a musical shop can be purchased mug with Edvard Grieg’s image.

Products made from glass

Many Norwegian artists professionally work with glass.

There are sculptures and plates made from varicoloured glass of manual production.

Products made from hide of deer and antlers

There are various products made from deer’s hide. At the market cost in 2-3 times is less than in a shop, but manufacture and tanning are corresponding to it. The fur from the market already over the months begins to "grow bare".

But there is an opinion that buying of deer’s hide is not necessary - it is better to purchase a hide of sheep that is very soft and costs from 300 crones; lay it into a children's carriage and walks on a frost become are not frightful, it looks beautiful and well-decorated.

Natural antlers can be got too.

There are knives made from antlers and high-quality steel both with an engraving as well without it.

Printed matter

Wall calendars with remarkable sights of Norway, in some opinion, one of the most wonderful and accessible gifts, especially as they are for sale in various sizes and accordingly of different prices. It is an excellent decoration of any accommodation, both at work and at home.
There will be a memory of the journey to Norway for whole next year.

Books and picture albums about Norway can be offered too.

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