What to bring as a gift from the UK

What to bring as a gift? This perennial problem is usually bothering tourists from the first days of travel. We want to give something unusual, but special for the country and not very expensive - because every one has a lot of friends.

On this page we will publish not standard traveler's ideas what to bring as a gift.

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English tea - can be found in every supermarket.  To buy exotic varieties - go into special coffee stores Whittard of Chelsea. Packages can be selected with souvenir plot, in the form of a red London bus, for example.

English cheddar - can be found in every supermarket. . Even the cheapest is still delicious.  Choose a vacuum pack - it will well stand the night without a refrigerator. There are other varieties, Lancashire, Gloucester,and Cheshire. There are  also other good hard cheeses. Stilton - cheese with mould.

Marmite - paste from pots which is  plastered with a very thin layer on bread. Created from yeast, but in no way resembles the taste or smell yeast. Has something of a spicy-brackish taste. It can be kept even opened for years and just eat slowly.

English or Scottish Whisky can be found in every supermarket.


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